Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Probate Lawyer


When a person dies, their estate must go through probate, unless their estate is held in a trust. Probate is a process where a will is reviewed by the court, proceeds from the estate are used to pay off a person's debt, and what remains of the estate is distributed to heirs. If your are the executor of a recently deceased loved one's estate, you will have to ensure that probate goes smoothly. One of the best things that you can do in this type of situation is hire an experienced probate lawyer to assist you. Some of the top reasons to hire a probate lawyer include:

Assist in Moving Through Probate in a Timely Manner

One of the biggest challenges of the probate process is the fact that it can take a long time. There is a lot of paperwork that must be submitted, as well as many different steps that need to be completed. If you have no experience with the probate process, there is a good chance that you won't know what to do,and you could make errors that can draw out probate even longer. When you want probate to be completed as quickly as possible, your best bet is to hire a probate lawyer. A probate lawyer will understand all of the details of the entire process, so he or she will be able to ensure that everything is done correctly so the estate can pass through probate swiftly.

Protection from Legal Claims

When a person dies and their estate passes into probate, anyone can come forward and make a legal claim against the estate. For example, creditors may come forward, or a person could come forward and say that they has a right to assets. When this happens,things can get complicated very quickly. If you have retained a probate lawyer, he or she can review all legal claims that are put forth and protect your loved one's estate from invalid legal claims.

Minimize Family Tension

The reading of a person's will publicly and the division of assets of an estate can bring out a lot of tension within a family. Some people may be upset by what they inherited, or may feel that they did not get their fair share. No one wants to engage in a family fight after the death of a loved one, and having a probate lawyer can help prevent things from getting personal. A probate lawyer is a completely non-biased party who will ensure that an estate is divided exactly as stated in a will, so no one will have reason to get angry with the executor of the estate. Contact a lawyer like G  Steven McKonly, PC to get help after a death in your family. 


17 January 2020

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